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Why buyers need an appraiser

An appraisal gives you an honest look at your potential investment. The market value of a property is an important component of any transaction since no one wants to pay more for a property than it is worth. By having an appraisal conducted, you will have a much better understanding of value for a particular property. This value is not only based on dimensions, but also by considering renovations and readily identifiable repairs.

Why sellers need an appraiser

Before listing your home for sale, having a pre-listing appraisal performed is helpful as it provides you with a current value of your home compared to similar homes in your particular area. This information, combined with current listings of competitive homes, will help you price your home for a quick and fair sale.

Appraisals can often also be helpful in the tax appeal process. Since real estate markets can be volatile, property taxes in those markets can be excessive. With a market value appraisal report, the owner can protest the assessed value in many cases.

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For mortgage companies

The accurate valuation of properties is necessary for lenders to protect their investments. By hiring an experienced appraiser who is familiar with the changing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/FHA/USPAP requirements, lenders can have confidence in the valuation product.

For attorneys

Let us assist you in solving your complex appraisal issues. No matter if you need a Certified USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice) instructor to assist with court preparation, require a valuation service for divorce/tax/estate purposes, or simply reviewing another appraiser's work, we can help. 

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